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The supply of energy worldwide depends on fossil sources of energy, for example oil. But these sources hold many risks for environment and climate (greenhouse effect ) and they are only available limitedly.
In that way chances arise for the sun, the wind, the water and other renewable energies, because they cause no or little pollution at their use.They spare of limited resources and they are ecologically beneficial, home and low of risks.

1. Do you use renewable energies at home?


1.a) If you do, which do you use?



 2. Would you invest more money in the ecological beneficial use of solarenergies, wind- or water-power if the state afforded a grant and if you had the possibility to do?


3. Do you think that renewable energies are more advantageable than other energies?


4. Do you think that the increase of environmental pollution is caused by fossil fuels?


5. Please guess the percentage of BRD-energy consumption that could be produced by renewable energies.

We thank you for taking part in.


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